The concept is simple but the formulas and circuitry programming are Genius and complex.
The basic explanation is we capture the huge reserves of electrical power from magnetic fields. Think of the power that can be derived from one atom. Now imagine the power harvesting opportunities from electromagnetic fields, if you can cause these forces to volley and have a method of collection of the abundance of electrons that result from the bombarding.
The high powered magnets are on an axis whereby the polarity is regularly flipped to create rotating motion (ergo MFORCE Generator is also a Motor within the same machine) interacting with proximate rotating magnets. A generator converts kinetic energy or force to electricity whereas a motor converts electricity to force to move something kinetically to perform activities.
On an atomic level, the magnetic force is manipulating electrons according to the programmed instructions built into every machine.
Scientists for centuries have tried to harness the vast power of magnetic force. Many in this era are working diligently to achieve this but our group of scientists and engineers via our companies Global Alliance Partners and Net Zero Resources, found a Great Mind and proven technology beyond TRL 9 (because models have been sold and are working) and immediately engaged.
The secret is to contain the magnetic force within an arena whereby a controlled range of electrons are allowed to be released to perform the desired functions and simultaneously redirect to keep rotors moving and charge one or more built in low voltage batteries, depending on the application.